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In the last 7 years, Joshua Pireda has built out multiple successful wholesale companies, built a significant rental portfolio, and was a partner in renovating and constructing hundreds of properties. After mentoring a couple of clients individually, he found his true passion was in teaching people how to become wealthy and change their lives through real estate.
Joshua Pireda
Founder of Company
Irfan Raza has 10+ years of experience in multiple different avenues in real estate. Prior to his real estate career he was a practicing CPA. He utilized being a CPA to maximize his results constructing, renovating and renting out hundreds of properties throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. He currently owns and operates both Raza Homes and Property Buyer Connect.
Irfan Raza
Founder of Company
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Josh and Irfan founded this company because they saw there was a lack of authentic educational courses and masterminds being taught by genuine, successful investors. Both founders had enjoyed coaching multiple successful individuals in the past prior to creating the company, and found that is where their excitement lies.


Don’t believe us? Just look at our Testimonials! DIA changing people’s lives!
Chris P.

I was brand new, and wanted to learn how to be a Real Estate Investor. I linked up with Direct Investor Academy, and since then I have done over 20 wholesale deals and have purchase 3 Investment Properties for myself.

Shania K.

I work in finance, but had no idea where to start when it came to buying rental properties. What I learned at Direct Investor Academy helped me to buy my first 2 rental properties.

Matt J.

I owned a few rentals, but was having trouble scaling. I took the Advanced Mastermind course, and it completely changed everything. I am now up to 94 rental units!