Our Courses

Four great courses to best fit your needs

Wholesale 101

Learn how to acquire and wholesale properties and contracts like the best of them! Earn freedom and make an amazing living for you and your family.

Real Estate Investing 101

Learn all of the in’s and out’s from some of the brightest Investors in the game right now. Grow your portfolio, and create generational wealth that you will pay you month after month, for as long as you want.

Advanced Mastermind

8 session seminar with successful entrepreneurs in all aspects of Real Estate Investing. Structured to help you scale and grow your business exponentially.

Ultimate Mastermind

For the best of the best. Learn, collaborate, and grow from others who are at the pinnacle of success, just like you. If you think you belong here, give us a call.

Wholesale 101

Learn how to go direct to sellers and make a great living wholesaling properties. From finding sellers to placing buyers and getting paid at closing, this course covers everything to become a top tier wholesaler.


Real Estate 101

Focus is on how to create generational wealth through means of development and building a rental portfolio. Learn how to make your hard earned money multiply exponentially.


Advanced Mastermind

Broken down into 3 “all day” events, and 5 “lunch and learn” sessions. Top tier individuals will share their best practices in their particular expertise areas. Collaboration on and offline will solidify your growth.


Ultimate Mastermind

The focus of the Ultimate is simple… collaborate, advise, and help grow others who are at the pinnacle of success in the investment space.